Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pipe Ceremony Calls Down Occult Spirits at Minnesota Liturgy

[Minneapolis]  This is part two of a series of short videos featuring liturgical abuses by a dissident priest, Father Micahel Tegeder and Deacon Joseph Damiani.  The Archdiocese is well aware that this takes place every Sunday.  The Ojibway outreach, which looks more like a platform for nostalgic hippies to relive their past, has been in action since it was founded by Father Notebaart.

It's also a recipient of Catholic Outreach funds.

American Indians have been participating at Holy Mass for centuries without the benefit of such showmanship and shamanistic intervention.  The pipe ceremony is intended to "call down spirits", but just what spirits are being called down?

The following is a continuation of videos taken on Holy Saturday of 2012.


  1. Under a succession of lax post Vatican 11 popes the disintegration of the catholic mass continues.
    The same corrosion and rot that is diminishing the traditional respect for the canonization process has merely accelerated under the current and truly dangerous spiritual confusion instigated by the current pope.
    Popes Francis and Benedict both need to properly resign immediately and completely cease using the title of Pope.

  2. Beautiful! Inculturation at its most reverent.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Looks like a bunch of burnt up old hippies from the suburbs pretending to be Indian to me.

    2. "Hey Paul, I brought my Indian".--Laverne Tripp on the Trinity Broadcast Network introducing his wife Edith.

  3. Do they know what they are inhaling from the pipe? Cf.

  4. It would seem that we need the great Apostle Saint Paul to write a new Epistle to this church, to warn them and to bring them back from their worship of Baal. "Brethren, Stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by work or the mouth or by letter."

  5. Is this the same deacon on Bishop accountabillaty?

  6. Of course he is, and considering Tegeder's own judgmental response to the Archbishop, a bit on the hypocritical side.

  7. Is this the same deacon on Bishop accountabillaty?


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