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Did Pope Francis Really Encourage Lesbian Author Who Has Written "Gender" Children's Books: "Keep Going"?

Edit: there was another book disseminated by an Argentine publisher, featuring the pope involving these themes, which the Vatican also distanced itself from, apparently.
(Rome) Two lesbian authors of "gender" books provided a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State for discussion, which was submitted on behalf of Pope Francis. The lesbians advertised this saying that the pope had "encouraged" the to "keep going."  The headline of Corriere della Sera (online edition) was on Friday: "Pope Francis Writes the Author of Gender-books: 'Keep going. '"
A denial from the Vatican came, in this case, as soon as possible. Together with Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ,   Vatican spokesman Vice Father Ciro  Benedettini CP clarified: "The Pope has not encouraged the gender theory".

Rapid correction by the Press Office of the Vatican

The full text of the statement by the Deputy Vatican spokesman Benedettini, as published by the Holy See Press Office:
On answering journalists' questions the deputy director of the Press Office of the Holy See made ​​the following statement today from the morning: 
In reply to a polite and respectful letter by Francesca Pradi to the Holy Father, the Secretariat of State has acknowledged its receipt in a simple and pastoral style and clarified in following, that this is a question of a private reply and it was therefore not intended for publication (which was unfortunately done).
In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State wish to endorse practices and teachings   that do not match with the Gospel, but expressed desires for "to bear ever more fruit for activity in the service of  generations of the young and the spread of authentic human and Christian values."
The blessing of the Pope at the end of the letter applies to the person and does  not portend  any eventual teachings, that do not correspond with the doctrine of the Church, as the Holy Father has emphasized on several occasions in recent years. An exploitation of the contents of the letter is therefore totally inappropriate.

Aberrosexual author sent the Pope her books

Francesca Pradis Aberrosexual animals, which do not exist in reality
This past June 19 Francesca Pradi had written to the Pope, and also sent him 30 of her books. In the letter she complained to have been attacked in the past year and a half by "homophobes", claiming that some Catholic organizations  insisted that she writes books  with content that does not exist in reality. Pradi is with her aberrosexual partner, Maria Silvia Fiengo, the founder of the children's book publishing house "Lo Stampatello" and the author of numerous "gender" children's books advertised as children for  "homosexuality".
Pradi's publications are on the list of books that could be removed from the Mayor of Venice, kindergartens and schools of the lagoon city.

Answer by the State Secretariat - "I was surprised and touched"

Pradi received from the Vatican Secretariat of State a letter of reply on behalf of the Pope, which is signed by the Assessor, Peter Brian Wells. The author made ​​the response public by claiming that Pope Francis had encouraged them in their actions, to "continue". She had been "surprised" and "touched" by  the words of the Pope, to spread to the gender ideology, so went Pradi's interpretation willingly supported and given by the Corriere della Sera. 
The State Secretariat explained within a few hours by its press-service, that this  had  been a  merely routine letter of reply. Indeed, Assessor Wells  signs 60,000 such letters in one year. It had been a standard response of ten lines. To want to derive from that letter, a support and encouragement for the gender ideology, is totally inadmissible.
Pope Francis spoke repeatedly about the gender theory. On the 15th of April at the general audience he said most clearly: "The elimination of the distinction is the problem, not the solution".

What the Press Office makes clear and what not

Correction of the Vatican Press Office
The Press Office of the Vatican made ​​clear the fact that the gender theory does not agree with the teaching of the Church and could not be supported by Catholics, which contradicts the teachings of the Church.  "One important clarification," said Traditio Catholica.
The Press Office also clarified that the words "keep going" were not used in the Vatican reply, but was fictitious from the lesbian author. In addition, the papal blessing is directed to the person and not some doctrine  in force.
The press office did not deny the existence of the letter, but gave the contents a different reading. But why is a "gender" author even supposed to "actively bear more fruit," although they had sent their books and were thus incompatible with Catholic doctrine, the ideological orientation would have been easy to verify. Is there anyone at the State Secretariat  to routinely respond or "routine"?
"The suggestion that the 'authentic human and Christian values ​​will be disseminated ' are laudable, creates the context but, at best, of an ambiguity. Likewise, it may be that the blessing of the person was not their ideology, but the person is a whole. They can not be separated from their ideas. That's like saying, 'I bless xy, but not the ideology that he represents'. That seems a sophism." said Traditio Catholica.

Venice mayor is the new object of hatred of the aberrosexual lobby

In a time in which there is no day on which the aberrosexual-associations do not invent a new "enemy" it wants to bring down; in a time in which the homo lobby, like a horde of beatniks that interject, as aggressive as it is exhibitionist  in its intolerant message, levity is in dealing with the gender theory and their representatives is a luxury that the Catholic Church and all people of goodwill can not afford. This has not altered anything, that the instrumentalization of the pope is obviously not against the Church, but against the mayor of Venice.
The studied architect and entrepreneur, Luigi Brugnaro has been Mayor of Venice since June 14, 2015. After 22 years, he managed to take the mayor's chair from  political left. The Conservatives have clear ideas about Gay Pride ("Carnival"), and gender ideology, which were sponsored by his leftist predecessors with zeal. One of Bugnaro's  first acts was to remove from the libraries of schools and kindergartens all books in which the gender ideology is represented. Since then he is a preferred object of hatred of the "gay" lobby.

Pradis gay penguins and their defiant phrase

The removal of the books also includes Publications by Francesca Pradi, including the richly illustrated story of two gay penguins, they are-- naturally-- male, adopt an orphaned baby penguin.
After rectification by the Vatican, Francesca Pradi took a quick turn. In one of the statements she's been  spreading around, it now reads:
"Pope Francis has not written to me, 'Keep Going'. His answer is not an opening towards homosexual parental families. But it's certainly a change of tone. He gives us the respect back that we deserve, as individuals and as families."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riscossa Christiana / Amazon (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

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The Diocese of Padua Prohibit Initiatives Against Gender Ideology (Which apparently doesn't exist)

Event Hall of the University of Padua--
For the Diocese, gennder ideologie
nor a gender theory.
(Padua) Are there any Catholic diocese who like the gender ideology? That sounds incredible, but it seems to apply to the northern Italian diocese of Padua.
The fact that the gender issue will be perceived differently by other  dioceses has been apparent at least since last June, otherwise all dioceses had supported  Family Day  "Hands Off Our Children"  on June 20th on Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. And all dioceses have supported the Italian Veilleurs,  called the Sentinelle in Piedi (Sentinels on Guard), protesting against the disintegration of the family by genderisation, particularly aberrosexualization, silently in front of government buildings.

Family Day and weak support from dioceses

If nevertheless one million people came to Rome on June 20  to protest against the introduction of gender ideology, then it was no thanks to support from the dioceses. Compared with the support there were  significantly more dioceses and pastors who hastened to distance themselves from the Family Day.
Many Catholic circles ignore the gender issue, because they are afraid that the controversial issue could divide. Similar things have already happened in Catholic dioceses and organizations  with discussions such as abortion and divorce. On the gender issue, however, there is astonishingly "a willingness not to recognize the scale of the problem, minimize it or deny it completely," said the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ) whose co-editor is Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara.Archbishop Negri supported,  like no other diocesan Bishop, the Italian version of Manif pour tous.
Many Catholics seem so empty inside and trapped in bourgeois conventions that they shy away from any public struggle for one's own faith. "If a parent or teacher would but rouse himself and express concerns, they say that this is an exaggeration. When citizens go to the streets against the introduction of gender ideology, they say that this is disrespectful," said NBQ.

Circular of the Diocese of Padua to all parishes

In the school office of the Diocese of Padua one seems to consider  gender theory even as an invention. This past August 18, it sent a corresponding Circular. This was triggered by information evenings against the gender ideology, organized in some parishes of the diocese. Worried parents had also turned for information and assistance on gender ideology to the diocese.
In circulars the diocesan Office of Education informed all the parishes of the diocese on three points:
  1. The gender theory is not an ideology. Under the heading of "gender" rather, it should be understood as a number of very different theories. These gender theories are not a real enemy to combat, but an interlocutor with which  to lead a dialogue and to distinguish how to be correctly informed and properly directed according to the logic of Christ.
  2. Article 1, paragraph 16 of the new Education Act, which was introduced by the government of the Left Democrat, Matteo Renzi and against which a million people protested in June have nothing to do with the gender issue. It is therefore only a  pretext to give reasons for refusing the law and to collect signatures for its abolition, as several Catholic organizations have  currently done.
  3. Education Minister Stefania Giannini had sent circulars of which the parents may be reassured.  For this reason, there is a warning to all parishes, to avoid  indulging in events and initiatives on  the gender issue without having previously informed the bishop about it. Should educational issues be addressed (what else?), then the diocesan Office of Education is also to be informed.

A stab in the back  - what the Diocese does not want to admit

"After this communication, hardly a pastor  dares to conduct an event in his parish, where voices  critical of gender theory have their say,"  said Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ). Catholics from the Diocese of Padua, who participated in the "Hands off  our children" rally, must now think they have done something wrong. Even for "standing guard" (Sentinelle in Piedi) it was like a stab in  the back communication from the diocese. "They will be disappointed, because the only prompt is as follows: dialog," said NBQ.
Pope Benedict XVI. and Pope Francis warned of gender theory, school boards of other dioceses have released their own documents about the dangers of this ideology. Since the World Population Conference in Cairo in 1994, the gender theory is advanced by the international organizations of the United Nations and financed by major American foundations. Now it is to be coupled to the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals, effectively assimilated to human rights. The European Union and most European governments have published guidelines and explanations.There are newly established publishing houses which publish mostly only books about gender with public money.  The public libraries, kindergarten and school libraries are inundated with such gender publications. But for the diocese of Padua, it's all just fiction?

Aberrosexual associations operate aberrosexualization at schools

The circulars of the Minister of Education were not worth the paper on which they are written, says NBQ. Apart from the fact that most relate to rules before the new Education Act, numerous education officials, school principals and teachers have collaborated with the conventions of gay organizations.  These gay organizations have access to the schools and can often, with melodious and obfuscating names,  romp for the children there under the guise of "training programs."  Officially  "soft skills", "tolerance", "diversity" or "enlightenment" are conveyed. In reality, the natural order of man and woman, the family, of parents and children, the shame and one's own identity are to be destroyed, who  force   boys to dress up as a girls, using coercion, to have to use  the restrooms of the opposite sex,  the showing  of specially produced aberrosexual movies in kindergarten and primary schools, the doctrine that "all love" and all forms of sexual pleasure are "ok" and that they must be satisfied, should avoid one from becoming  mentally  ill mentally by "repression." .
In most cases this  early sexualization is done without the parents consent. Not only because many parents, equate the schools of today with the schools of their schooling, but because many intentionally  conceal this from the parents, says NBQ.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred

Patriarch Albino Luciani (1977) About Cardinal Ratzinger: A "True Prophet"

Pope John Paul I and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

(Rome) It was the 16th of August 1977 almost exactly one year before he was to be elected John Paul I as pope. At the Feast of St. Rochus, Patriarch Albino Cardinal Luciani of Venice  held a sermon, calling the then Archbishop of Munich-Freising, just starting out in his office and elevated to Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger, as a "true prophet".   He called the future Pope Benedict XVI. even the only example of a true prophet, which he opposed to the "false prophets."

Then the Patriarch spoke of the Prophet Elijah and the desire of Catholics, even today, for a powerful prophet. Luciani quoted the Apostle Paul, not to despise prophecies   (1 Thess 5,20), but beware of those "prophets" who wish to subvert the gospel of Christ:  "For  there is no other gospel, there are some a few who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But those who preached to you another gospel than we have preached unto you, let him be accursed, even if we ourselves or an angel from heaven." (Gal 1,7-8).

Cardinal Luciani continues:

"Even before  St. Paul  the Lord himself already had warned: Many false prophets will arise and will deceive many" (Mt 24,11). In the Old Testament God lamented, 'I haven't sent these prophets, yet they run; I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesy' (Jer 23: 21). The Bible reminds us of the prophets of Baal in the ungodly time of Jezebel and Jehu (see 1 Kings 18;. 2 Kings 10.19 to 25); it also reminds us of the house and court prophets who were concerned mainly to prophesy so that they had great favor with kings rather than God (1 Kings 22).

I think to be able to conclude that there is prophecy; that you can learn much from some prophets; that one but if you do not know to distinguish, can also can experience great setbacks.

A few days ago I congratulated  Cardinal Ratzinger, the new Archbishop of Munich in a Catholic Germany, which he regretted as a part infested  of an anti-Roman and anti-papal complex, he had the courage to declare publicly that 'the Lord is there to be sought where Peter is'.

Others do not seem to be prophets, but smugglers: they use the post from which they occupy to the impersonate the teachings of the Church, which in reality is their personal opinion or a distorted ideology very different or doctrine disapproved by the Magisterium of the Church. According to their speaking and writing, Jesus' resurrection a pure invention of his disciples who, after they had overcome their initial disorientation after the crucifixion, would have said to themselves. 'He's dead? Never mind, we simply continue his work when he was still alive among us'. So resurrection yes, but only in the mind and will of the disciples. They also write: the auricular or individual confession is not necessary: ​​it is enough to have  a general, common confession of guilt; one repents, receives general absolution and everything is in order;  the rest had been first introduced by medieval monks. The avoidance of occasions of sin and   premarital chastity of the betrothed were - according to them - exaggerations, because in reality,  any sexual desire and every sexual desire - within or outside of marriage - was good; but we accused the Church, among many other things, of also, exercising sexual repression'  Poor Church!

How all this will be reconciled with a Christ, who led his people to struggle against the tide, who called for great efforts of renunciation, asceticism and Cross, is a mystery. It is also a mystery how they want to explain the words of Jesus: "No one can be the servant of two masters" (Mt 6:24) and "anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in the heart adultery with her" (Mt 5, 27). Another puzzling thing is that they suppress everything in the school and catechesis which challenges, inspires to emulate, what is  cheering and encouraging. All should be equal, no young person should feel superior to others. Well, to curb the arrogance is a good and beautiful thing. It has nothing to do with arrogance if someone tries to intervene to move forward; Arrogance is when someone transgresses and tramples others  [...]

Another "mystery" is that these prophets think in such a way as to decide and program, as all men are, that by nature they would be well, all just fine and all honest, hard workers who love effort and  are all incapable of deceit and betrayal. This is the optimism of Rousseau and Victor Hugo. The latter wrote: Every school that opens, means a prison that is closed '. If he were alive today, Victor Hugo could see numerous  schools, but also to prisons. [...] The road, the daily experience and the Bible say: Let's be optimists, man has received a benevolent foundation, but we do not close our eyes, we do not deny that  the inheritance of original sin is overloaded upon him: the school benefits, but only on condition that it is coupled with the fear of God.

Speaking of God:  many of today's "prophets" write and talk very often of the "Word of God", with which they should deal. Very good, but more than this, one has to discuss the  "law of God", or of the held-Ten Commandments (Ex 20 147).
Many consider the Decalogue, although they read the Bible,  obsolete, despite the fact that  - were all to  consider it - it alone would be able to make both  individuals and the society good.   Of the Decalogue Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away '(Mt 5:18). This is really a frivolity, reading the Bible, but  sweeping or passing over what Jesus solemnly reaffirmed.

In conclusion: we have quiet confidence in the prophet, but in the real ones. And should the Lord give us this calling, we remember that the profession of the Prophet is hard. Particularly in the case that we wanted to accuse others in the name of God or should, we need to be sure of two things: first, that we really have a mandate from God; secondly, that we are sufficiently in order. Jesus said, 'Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but the beam in your eye you do not notice' (Mt 7,3). St. James wrote: 'Only one is the lawgiver and judge: he who has the power to save and to destroy. But who are you that you judge about your neighbor? ' (James 4:12). Beating their own breast is a good sign of repentance. But to knock on  the chest of  the other, is a much more delicate thing: It may be a sign of prophecy, of love, mercy and zeal, but also of arrogance. [...]
At this point it is good to remember that St. Paul has said,  prophecy is good,  are the other good charisms, but above  all these things is  the love of God and neighbor (1 Cor 13) , That's mainly what  the Saints Rochus and Pius X did.

Albino Cardinal Luciani, preaching the Memorial of St. Rochus 16 August 1977 reprinted in Opera Omnia - Albino Luciani, Giovanni Paolo I, vol 8, p 193ff..

Text / translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Timone
Trans; Tancred
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Radio Maria Chief Don Livio Fangaza and a "Pleasant Surprise"

Don Livio Fangaza, spiritual advisor and
program director of Radio Maria Italy
and Director of World Family of Radio
(Rome) Don Livio Fanzaga, program director of Radio Maria Italy was recently noticed for purges against critics of Pope Francis, but "there are also pleasant surprises," says the traditional website Messa in Latino.
In the World Family of Radio Maria, Don Livio occupies a central position. He is spiritual director and program director of Radio Maria Italy, the oldest among the many Radio Maria stations, of which there are four in the German-speaking world. And he is at the same time director of the World Family.

Purge against critics of Pope Francis

The purges began in October 2013. Those purged were employees who had been critical of gestures, decisions and statements by Pope Francis, including long-term employees who had helped to shape the profile of the broadcaster. Here no one had voiced his criticism on Radio Maria but in other media. However, Don Livio wasn't concerned with such details.  "You don't criticize the Pope," reads the verdict of the program director.

Purge  1

The first employees who were been shown the door were the congenial author duo Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi. Both had worked ten years at the broadcaster and each was responsible for his own show. On October 10, 2013, the legal philosopher Palmaro and journalist  Gnocchi published in the daily newspaper Il Foglio, a lively but justified criticism of Pope Francis, under the title "Christ is not an option among many, and certainly not for his representative on earth".
Scarcely had Don Livio heard about it, than he gives  his two employees a "polite phone call". He did not discuss the content of the call.  "Father Livio is of the opinion that you can not be a presenter at Radio Maria and  criticize the Pope," said the dismissed employees.  Even when the Pope personally made a phone call to the the already seriously ill Palmaro  and expressed understanding for the criticism, nothing changed.

Purge 2

On February 13, 2014, Radio Maria separated itself from  the famous historian Roberto de Mattei. On the eve that de Mattei had published  the essay "The End of Civilization - Who loves the Church, Defends Her. De Mattei had been designated since 2010 his own show at Radio Maria. The correspondence between the dismissal Don Livio Fanzaga and Professor de Mattei was of the latter published.

Purge 3

On November 24, 2014 Gianpaolo Barra, the chief editor of the Catholic monthly magazine was Il Timone  was removed from the broadcaster. He had expressed no criticism of Pope Francis. His "guilt" consisted in refusing to disinvite one  the Pope's critics f  Antonio Socci from Timone Festival, an event that is unrelated to Radio Maria. Antonio Socci had recently published his book "Non è Francesco" (This is Not Francis). The rector of the Academy of Television Journalism in Perugia doubts the legality of the election of Pope Francis. Because Barra had hesitated in the eyes of Don Livio to purge, he himself was even purged.

"... Or you jump out of the window"

On March 13, 2014 on the first anniversary of the election of Pope Francis and less than 24 hours after the funeral much beloved and much too early departed Mario Palmaro, Don Livio commented  on his purges on Radio Maria Italy. His exact words were: "Lately, I had to make a nice clean sweep among those responsible for the programs of Radio Maria ... Some I had to bring down from the Chair and put on a simple stool ... Because it must be clear: either one eats this soup [Pope Francis ] or you jump out the window ... "

A "Pleasant Surprise"

But there are also "pleasant surprises" as Messa in Latino remarked. Such a "pleasant surprise" is the latest book Don Livio Fanzaga published,  "La vita devota" (The religious life, ed. Sugarco, Milan 2015). On page 13  Don Livio writes:
"In practical terms the liturgical reform had unexpected consequences by way of unpleasant deviations and abuses of a general permission to hand Communion, through lack of care in the storage of the consecrated Hosts, up to serious theological errors expressed by those who cast doubt on the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament."
In the World Family of Radio Maria  there are currently 75 stations  connected together on all five continents, including four TV channels in German: Radio Horeb Radio Maria Austria, Radio Maria Südtirol and Radio Maria German-speaking Switzerland. The individual channels are independent in organization and program design.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred

Cardinal Braz de Aviz Suggests Mixed Orders to Solve Collapse of Religious Orders

(New York) The Catholic Church loses 2,000 religious   world-wide  every year. The loss has its clear focus in Europe. Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Roman Congregation of Religious drew a bleak picture for the future of Orders in Europe. "The average age of women religious in Europe is 85 years, which means that they will soon die without being replaced." In other words, they are dying out.
The  Focolare Movement cardinal spoke  last August 19 at a meeting with religious in the Cathedral of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 million religious and 3 million members of congregations and communities of consecrated life worldwide. The former Archbishop of Brasilia in 2011 was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. as Prefect of the Congregation of Religious and 2013, confirmed by Pope Francis in this office. Growth is takingn place  on a larger scale in Africa and Asia. In Europe the situation is, however, dramatic.

No comparable collapse in European Church history

Said Cardinal Braz de Aviz of collapse knows nothing comparable in the Church's history, at least not on this scale, which affects almost the entire European continent. A similarly dramatic process of dissolution was experienced in  Catholic monastic life was only experienced in the countries of the Reformation. The circumstances are still difficult to compare. Early 16th century it was an explosive appearance, while a long infirmity is now to be observed, to name only one aspect. In many parts of Europe, the honors system was then powerful and alive.
Cardinal Braz de Aviz also personally embodies the de facto destruction of the Order of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Their tree bore fruit,  in contrast to many other religious, and yet - or perhaps because, as some people think - it was needed. 

"Knots" that are to be untied for Recovery

Brothers and sisters of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate: Founder Father Manelli celebrated in the traditional rite. "By their fruits ..."
The Government site of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has published several "knots", which need to be  resolved, according to Cardinal Braz de Aviz, to establish Catholic monastic life again.
First, the cardinal spoke to the vow of poverty: Many religious possess millions in assets, such as deposits with the Vatican Bank IOR, half of whose deposits belongs  to Orders. He spoke of an order with a religious vow of poverty which, without saying who  the Order is, has 30 million in the bank.
The Cardinal also complained of the often "oppressive" ways  obedience is lived within Community. Obedience is necessary, but must be exercised as an obedience between brothers. In this context, the prefect complained lack of a "turnover" of superiors. He mentioned the example of religious superiors who are vested in their office at 35 years old, who are "damaging to their subordinates". There were also religious
 superiors, the Cardinal said, who change the rules of the order to remain in office for life.

"Family atmosphere" and "mixed communities"

Braz de Aviz also reported the case of a former provincial superior of a  congregation of women religious who petitioned for a dispensation at the age of 80 from the order in order to fulfill her "desire for motherhood." They left the order and have adopted a three-month-old child.
The cardinal commented that it was necessary to create a family atmosphere in the communities. As a possible way to a familial atmosphere the Cardinal called for the establishment of joint communities. In this regard, there are outdated ideas to overcome, said the prefect of the Congregation for Religious: "In the past we had difficulties when it comes to living together, because it was said that one must be careful, because the woman is a danger because the man is a danger ..." ,
The cardinal added the limitation that he "would not recommend the creation of mixed communities in the same house" at least, because the third vow of chastity, would have to be retained.
The speech, according to the report, had been acknowledged by the attending religious representatives with long applause. The President of the Conference of Religious of Brazil in the state of Sao Paulo, Sr. Ivone Lourdes Fritzen, thanked Cardinal Braz de Aviz for his "openness and transparency", as regards the challenges of religious life.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Estado de Minas (Screenshot)/MiL
Trans: Tancred

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It's Back on: Immemorial Mass of All Ages in Dominican Rite to Be Celebrated at Dissident Basilica

We've just been informed by Equiti Albo Crucis that there will be a Mass on September 19th at 10am at the Minneapolis Basilica, a beaux-arts edifice dear to the local  community of artistic single people.  Despite the indisputable beauty of the place, the Liturgies there are illicit if not blasphemous, the atmosphere is one of languid self-satisfaction of the well-to-do and the well medicated alike.

The celebrant will be Fr. David Holtz O.P. who is currently a professor at the Angelicum.

The Basilica of St. Mary's is a parish which hosts dissent against the Church teachings.  Whether it's Father Timothy Bachous O.S.B.,, who occasionally preaches there.  Apart from the accusations of sexual abuse against him, his views on sexuality and natural law are not orthodox. Or former catechist Lucinda Naylor. Will they perform an exorcism over the place, beforehand?   I'm thinking the church should probably be reconsecrated.

Will Johann van Parys be prepared to assist Father Holtz OP, ?  Mr. van Parys once said this:

A few years ago one of our priests delivered one of his strongest homilies ever using only a minimal number of words. After proclaiming the Gospel he walked down to the communion rail and demonstrably closed the bronze gates thus separating the sanctuary from the nave of the church. Standing in the sanctuary behind the closed gates he said. “This is who we used to be.” Then he opened the gates as wide as he possibly could and walked into the nave saying “This is who we are today.” Without another word he walked to the celebrant’s chair and sat down. In response, the congregation stood up and burst out in applause. Now, I am not a great lover of homiletic props but in this rare case it worked and I will never forget the message.

Paintings by aberrosexual activist Lucinda Naylor still hang (Sometimes they take them down when people complain to the pastor, John Bauer.) from the Stations of the Cross in the Church,

Pastor of Lavender Basilica at "Station of the Cross"
It seems the organizer of an event hosted by the Basilica is the Knights of the Holy Sepulcre.
Our question is as always, why hold an event at a location like this that's reputed to be "orthodox" and sound?   The Knights are holding their annual meeting here.  What's Una Voce thinking, since they are at least partly responsible for the event?   Did St. John's Abbey offer the a deluxe edition of the St. John's Bible?

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Vatican Diplomat: Muslim Migrants Are a Challenge

Edit: can't vouch for everything on here, but it's an important commentary on the incompatibility of Muslim immigration and the Christian values that are the foundation of Europe's culture and consciousness. The last time Muslims "immigrated" to Europe it wasn't so great either.

The Vatican representative at the United Nations in Geneva: Muslim immigrants often lack an understanding of European values ​​- He also criticized that on the international stage Christian persecution is swept aside.

Vatican City ( The arrival of an increasing number of Muslim refugees in Europe can be a challenge for the Christian and democratic identity of the continent, were the words of the Vatican's representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Muslim immigrants often lack an understanding of European values, Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi said this weekend at Vatican Radio. These included respect for a pluralistic society, the separation of religion and politics and democracy. Although the inclusion of people in need is a Christian duty, Europe also has the right to "retain their own identity," said Tomasi. Muslims should not call into question the values ​​of freedom.

The enormous increase in the numbers of refugees are from the perspective Tomasi, firstly, the result of a failed Middle East policy since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. "The situation in the Middle East has grown steadily worse since." On the other hand, people fleeing poverty, arising from a systematic policy of disparity between economically strong and weak countries. "There is a political will to maintain this inequality between countries," criticized Tomasi.

An important role was played by the interests of multinational corporations. In addition, the Vatican diplomat lamented, international indifference to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Apart from Pope Francis, who constantly remembers their suffering, the events are brushed aside on the international stage, "as if the human rights of Christians are not of equal importance like the rights of other persons". Copyright 2015 Catholic press agency Kathpress, Vienna, Austria

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Cardinal Levada Gets DUI Having Fabulous Time in Hawaii with "Priest Friends"

Edit: ordinarily, it wouldn't be too worthwhile posting this, but it was interesting to see some of the details of the report and not so much what he did, but where he was doing it.

The Cardinal has retired with his life partner and successor, Archbishop George Niederauer, to some very nice rooms in Long Beech.

Here's the report in full:

One of the high-ranking American officials of the Roman Catholic Church was arrested for drunken driving late last week in Kailua-Kona.

The Most Eminent Cardinal William Joseph Levada, 79, of Menlo Park, Calif., was stopped at about midnight Thursday on Hina Lani Street and charged with DUI, according to the police arrest log. He was released from police custody after posting $500 bail about an hour later.

“I regret my error in judgment. I intend to continue fully cooperating with the authorities,” Levada said in an email statement issued Monday by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Levada, the former Archbishop of San Francisco, was appointed as a cardinal, a prince of the church, on May 13, 2005, by Pope Benedict XVI, just weeks after his election as pontiff. He was the first U.S. prelate to lead the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s powerful guardian of doctrine. He now holds the title of Prefect Emeritus of the Conclave of the Faith since his retirement as prefect in July 2012. He also was a member of the conclave that elected Pope Francis in March 2013.

Levada drew fire in 2013 after coming to the defense of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was stripped of his public duties over his handling of the priest sex abuse crisis in the church, but still allowed to select a new pope, saying some priest abuse victims groups who have criticized Mahony may never be satisfied with the church’s response to the crisis.

“There are some victims groups for whom enough is never enough, so we have to do our jobs as best we see it,” Levada said at the time, according to Associated Press. “He has apologized for errors in judgment that were made. I believe he should be at the conclave.”

Levada was on vacation with priest friends when the DUI arrest occurred, according to archdiocese spokesman Michael Brown.

He has a court date of Sept. 24 in Kona District Court.

“He’s required to appear at court,” said Sgt. Robert Pauole, who heads the police Traffic Services Section.

A police spokeswoman said in a Monday email Levada was pulled over after a Kona Patrol officer saw him swerve while driving northbound on Queen Kaahumanu Highway north of Kealakehe Parkway.

Levada was driving a 2015 Nissan Altima and was alone in the car at the time, the spokeswoman said. She could not say who the car is registered to or if the car was towed. She also declined to give Levada’s blood-alcohol content, but a 0.08 blood-alcohol level is the threshold for legal intoxication in Hawaii.

Pauole said Levada, who likely has a California driver’s license, would have had his license taken by the arresting officer, but the license would not have been suspended.

“The officer should have given him a four-page document,” Pauole said. “That four-page document is his temporary license for 30 days. He was also supposed to be given a document that would tell him how to contest (the Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office case) it, in the meantime, in the ADLRO office.

Asked if the car would have been impounded, Pauole replied, “That depends on the circumstances.”

“Sometimes officers will impound it based on the Aliyah law,” Pauole continued, referring to the statute named after Aliyah Braden, a 17-month-old toddler killed by a drunken driver who ran a red light in Kailua-Kona on May 23, 2009. “… That’s based on where it’s parked, if there’s someone else in the car who’s not intoxicated, or he’s able to get someone to come down and pick up the car. It varies depending on the circumstance.”

According to the archdiocese website, Levada, a Long Beach, Calif., native, was ordained a priest in the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 1961.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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Archbishop Cupich: Catholics Must Show "Mercy to Non-Traditional Families" -- End of Pallium Ceremony as We Know it

(New York), he is considered one of the progressive "outsiders" in the American episcopate. There is talk about the Msgr. Cupich, appointed in September 2014 appointed by the Pope Francis as the new archbishop of Chicago. It's a  decision that found the disapproval  emeritus Chicago Shepherd, Francis Cardinal George,.
Still missing is the official confirmation by Rome, but  Archbishop Cupich is to be one of the participants in the Bishops' Synod on the Family personally appointed by Pope Francis. The American Bishops' Conference had not chosen Cupich   for the Synod seat. But Pope Francis seems to put emphasis on a counter position to the majority opinion of the Episcopal Conference.
The Archbishop has now called the Catholics of his diocese  "to embrace change".  Moreover, Catholics should show "mercy towards non-traditional families." [Weren't we supposed to be merciless? What gives!]
At least one unfortunate phrase, as they say in the US, was Archbishop Cupich's message on the occasion of receiving the pallium, which took place on 23 August.
"At risk are not extra-familial forms of living, the family is at risk. They need protection and words of encouragement, rather than giving the impression that the family is currently an obligation towards extra-familial forms," said Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña.
As is known, Pope Francis changed the Pallium Rite. Unlike what was once usual, it is no longer the Pope, who hangs a pallium about the newly appointed metropolitan  in a solemn ceremony. The bestowal of office took place for the first time  in 2015 in the cathedral church of the respective metropolitan by the competent apostolic nuncio.
What has been seen as a form to strengthen the ties with Rome and of fidelity to the Pope, will now serve decentralization and the strengthening of the local Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider
Trans: Tancred
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Waldensians Reject the Pope's Apology: "We Could Not Forgive"

(Turin) Pope Francis had reached out his hand to Turin's Waldensians during his visit last June. He made controversial gestures to emphasize his intention and asked the Waldensians' forgiveness  from injustice done by Catholics.  Now the Waldensians have given the pope a response. A specially convened Waldensian Synod, which meets until Friday in Turin, rejected the outstretched hand of the Pope and declared themselves unable to grant forgiveness.Vatican Insider talks about an amazing "coldness" toward the Pope.
From April to June 2015, the  Shroud of Turin was on public display. Two million believers took the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Turin, including Pope Francis. After visiting the shroud Francis paid a visit to the Waldensian temple on 22 June. The first pope to do so. (see Papal Kiss  for Waldensian Bible - Pope Francis, Don Bosco and the Waldensian ).

Pope Francis asked the  Waldensians for forgiveness in June for Catholic injustice

The relationship between Waldensians and Catholics is one of deep conflict. On both sides there were atrocities mainly during  the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Even in the mid-19th century the  Waldensians sought the life of  St. John Bosco.
Pope Francis made the unilateral first step towards reconciliation and asked the Waldensian forgiveness for the injustice committed by Catholics. The Pope had said: "On behalf of the Catholic Church, I ask you for forgiveness for the unchristian and even inhuman attitudes and actions, which we have done to you  throughout history.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us! "
The Moderator of the Waldensian Table, Pastor Eugenio Bernardini, responded: "The Pope has overcome a wall that was built eight centuries ago when our church was accused of heresy and excommunicated by the Roman church." The pope did not argue.
To underline his readiness, the Pope kissed a Waldensian Bible which was presented to him by Waldensian pastors. It was a gesture that caused some criticism on the Catholic side.

Waldensian: Radicalized Pauperisten, the Calvinists were

Pope Francis kisses Waldensian Bible in whose main temple in Turin
The Waldensians  originated in the late 12th century as a pietistic movement. Its founder, Peter Valdes, was a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi. The two movements of Peter Valdes and the Poverello of Assisi, however, went different ways. While St. Francis of Assisi renewed the Catholic Church, Peter Valdes led the way out of the Church.
In the 16th century the Waldensians adopted  Calvinist doctrine and have since been in effect,   Italian Calvinists. Since the 18th century there is, because of   the common hostility to the Catholic Church, close networking between Waldensians and Freemasonry. In the 19th century there was an "Away from Rome" movement in liberal circles of the leading Italian bourgeoisie toward the Waldenses. This movement was not numerically great, but intensified again the opposition. It is estimated that half of the 45,000 Italian Waldensians today go  back to the recent crossing movement. In 1979, the Waldensians  joined together with the Methodists in Italy.

 Waldensian synod specially convened to give the Pope an answer

The outstretched hand of the Pope sparked heated discussions within the Waldensian community. Finally, a  Waldensian synod was specially convened to respond to the Pope on his request for forgiveness. The Synod will meet until Friday in Torre Pellice for Turin. The answer is now clear and is negative. "We're moving, but we can not be forgive."  The decision of the Waldensian Synod can be summarized with these words.
In an official letter to the Pope the Synod declared: "Dear Brother in Christ Jesus, the Synod of the Evangelical Waldensian Church accepts with deep respect and not without emotion, your apology expressed on behalf of your church asking for forgiveness for what you have indeed even described as 'unchristian, even inhuman attitudes and actions' that have been taken in the past against our mothers and fathers," But then this is  followed by a big "but" of the  Waldensians. This new situation does not allow us, to step in the place of those who testified with their blood or the other Protestants suffering for their  faith, and to forgive you. "
This message, rejected the outstretched hand of the Pope, it was decided on Monday by the 180 people gathered at the Waldensian Synod.

No request for forgiveness by the Waldensians for the wrongs they committed

In the message goes on to say: "The fraternal dialogue that we are having today is a gift of God's mercy,  which has forgiven your and our church many times  and still forgives, by inviting to repentance, to conversion and to a new life." In fact, however, the Pope's asking for  forgiveness  has been answered with a affront. The Waldensians retreat to the position that a pardon can be issued only by the victims themselves. Vice versa the apology on the Catholic, the   Mea culpa for years passed  is thus called into question, since accordingly  only the offender could ask for forgiveness, but not their direct or indirect descendants. But this formalist position can not hide the fact that the Waldensians in reality do not want to approach the Catholic Church. Because this could have been expressed differently, despite the question of direct forgiveness.
The Waldensian Synod for their  part couldn't find a word of apology for the wrongs committed by Waldensians against the Catholic Church and the Catholics.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican Insider / Chiesa e postconcilio
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 24, 2015

Archbishop Cordileone Prevails Across the Board

(Washington) This past spring the rebellion against Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco was rehearsed and demanded his head. Now the Archbishop could prevail across the board.
The reason was a circular of 3 February, with which the archbishop demanded of the Catholic schools of his archdiocese, that the teaching programs align themselves according to the Catholic doctrine, including moral doctrine. In addition, he insisted upon  a clause in the employment contract,  that obliged the staff, the teachers, to live a way of life according to the teachings of the Church.
The Archbishop saw the need to proceed against the infiltration of gender ideology  in the Catholic schools and to resist  homosexualization. These were demands and supplements that actually seem obvious for a Catholic employer and a Catholic institution.

Public  campaign: Get Msgr Cordileone to Resign

Instead, there were violent attacks against the archbishop. The impetus for the public campaign came from the diocese itself. Soon, a heterodox alliance of gay organizations, anti-clerical media and liberal Catholics, were active ​​against the Archbishop with the declared goal of wanting to achieve the dismissal of Msgr. Cordileone by Rome. The impetus for the public campaign came from the diocese itself. Teachers imposed upon students and organized a protest march through the archdiocesan cathedral. From a self-proclaimed Catholic Community of San Francisco an appeal to Pope Francis was published in newspapers to depose Archbishop Cordileone and   to appoint a chief shepherd "of his choice" and  "our values". The campaign was raised  in the columns of the New York Times, which accused the Archbishop "homophobia" and "discrimination" against homosexuals.
After months of attacks, discussions and negotiations, the archbishop continued to now and reached what he wanted to achieve. That the teachers of the Catholic school of the Archdiocese undertake to educate the students in accordance with Catholic doctrine and to train and orient also their personal lifestyle accordingly.

Teaching staff voted for new employment contract

Last Wednesday, the teachers agreed after a seven-month battle to a new labor contract. The result was a 53 percent approval rating, just barely a majority, but that is a certain  decision. Archbishop Cordileone prevailed  on down the line.  As a concession for his part, he deleted  the phrase "serious sin" in the context of abortion and homosexual acts.
Msgr. Cordileone stressed after the conclusion of negotiations that "the school has the right to protect its mission and to hire teachers who are committed to this." It is crucial to clarify the Archbishop that morality is non-negotiable and "could be clarified that the teacher may not give a public testimony that contradicts the mission of the school."
Until recently, individual teachers tried to establish their  "rights" above the doctrine of the Church and the rights of their employer.  The fraction within the teacher's union was deplored by  San Francisco Magazine.  "The whole country is looking to this case. If the Archbishop is able to cleave a union or render them unusable and advance an agenda that is contrary to the rights of teachers as well as damage those of the students, it means that the same thing can be done anywhere."

President Obama threatened schools with cancellation of financing, who reject the homosexual agenda

Archbishop Cordileone has expressed the belief that the growing hostility   to Catholic doctrine, even in parts of the Church, would lead to the next step, which is to attempt to withdraw  the public funding of schools that do not submit to the gay agenda.  This was stated by Donald Verrilli, the United States Attorney General appointed by US President Barack Obama in 2011.   Verrilli  defended on Obama's behalf in the Supreme Court the forced legalization of "gay marriage" in the entire United States. His allusion to cancellation of all subsidies was seen as a threat on behalf of President Obama.
Archbishop Cordileone reiterated that he would do everything the same again, "I will not accept that the school should give up its right to hire and fire its employees for the benefit of its mission. Every organization has this right, and I see no reason why our school should give it up. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred 

Pope-Consultor Enzo Bianchi: "Family is a Form, Which is Based in Community"

Enzo Bianchi with Pope Francis
(Rome) For the "Prior" of Bose, Enzo Bianchi, there is no natural family. Family is an invention of society. While Benedict XVI.  kept Bianchi at a distance, Pope Francis made him Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in 2014.
Bianchi participates in the formation houses of numerous Italian dioceses as a frequent speaker, as at the Roman universities. He is one of the favorites of the anti-church media, because no matter what he is talking about, a dig against the Church and against the Church's teaching is never lacking.
On August 22, Bianchi spoke at the 73rd Course of Christian studies of the Cittadella di Assisi . The Cittadella di Assisi is a "religious guesthouse" in Assisi that is supported by  Pro Civitate Christiana. This association which was later founded in 1939  was recognized as an association of pontifical right by John XXIII.  The study sessions have participants, according to the official website, of "theologians, philosophers, intellectuals and people with public office, which are somehow attributable to a specific part of the Catholic world." By "specific part" the progressive circles of the Church are meant.

"The natural family does not exist"

The theme of the 73rd course was: "We charge the image of God for a more human world," which took place on the 19th-23rd August. Bianchi's lecture was "the image of God, of man: Why responsible?" Bianchi said: "The family is a form which is based in community. The natural family does not exist."
Enzo Bianchi although he calls himself "Prior" and is the founder of the "ecumenical" Monastery of Bose, appears in a religious habit, and speaks of "his monks", is in reality neither cleric nor monk, but a layman. In 2014   the Vatican expert Sandro Magister revealed  discussing the religious '68er,  that Bianchi together with Alberto Melloni, the head of the progressive "school of Bologna", held a "secret" ecumenical project, which aims to abolish, or rather, to dissolve the papacy in the name of ecumenism. Alberto Melloni was also Speaker in Assisi.

Enzo Bianchi is the "Prophet" of a New Christianity, which is not Catholic

Monsignor Antonio Livi, Grüder of the International Science and Common Sense Association (ISCA) and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the Lateran University wrote about Enzo Bianchi: "Thanks to the not disinterested help of anti-Catholic media, acquaintance with Enzo Bianchi is very easy as they  cultivate his public image: when he appeals to Catholics, Bianchi appears as 'Prophet ', who is fighting  for the Adventus of a new Christianity (a Christianity that has to be modern, open, non-hierarchical and non-dogmatic and ultimately not a Catholic.)"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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